Tuesday, July 30, 2013

July 30, 2013

You know what holds the equivalent value of 4600 words? A new grandbaby.
A long, long day with a wonderful happy ending. I completely forgot about the fictional world in favor of the real one today. (One of the MANY perks of being a full time writer.)

Mother and child are doing very well. Both are starving. Both are beautiful.

Tomorrow's goal is to write my 4000 words while babysitting three year old twins. It's not just my goal, though. It is what I WILL do, even if I have to finish up after they are in bed and unconscious.

See you then.

Monday, July 29, 2013

July 29 Monday

It's 9:30 in my time zone. I've had a busy day of errands, meetings, and appointments I hadn't planned on. The good news is, my hair looks fantastic. I have not written any new words YET, but I will not be going to bed until I get my 4000 words down.

That is not bad news. It is only a fact. Nothing emotional about it. I'm not disappointed in myself. This is just the first point in my schedule where I was able to get back home and get in the chair.

Yes, I did look for a desk for my Writing-Only desk. No. I did not find one. It will be Wednesday before I look again, but I do hope to have it in place by August 1.

I'll update this post before I go to bed. I've had three Pepsi's and I'm ready to go. I'm going to use Dr. Wicked's Writer Or Die program (which I bought for 10 bucks so I could have it on my laptop even when I've blocked the internet. You can use it on line for free. I'm using it for two reasons tonight: I'm just starting with this book, Isobelle, and I'm pretty free to write it however it comes to me, and secondly, I'm starting late tonight, so I'm going to try and write as fast as possible. Some of my best stuff comes when writing very fast. My brain has already been trained by the good doctor and it stands up and pays attention when those margins start turning pink.

If you haven't used writeordie.com before, now is not the time. Figure it out during the day. Practice with silliness. The advice I give everyone is to never mess around with kamikaze, ever ever ever. Or if you really are that kind of light-socket-poker, practice with garbage. Write out what you had for lunch and see what happens when you stop typing. But don't let that scare you away from Dr. Wicked. He's an excellent doctor. I owe him my...livelihood.

Enough crap. See you soon.

First attempt: 1 hr. 1306. Headed back in. Having a BALL!
Second attempt: 2 hrs. 2243
Total for today: 3534
Total for project: 4256
I'll have to write an extra 600 tomorrow to make up for it, but it was a good start. The challenge starts officially on Thursday, August 1st, but I wanted to get a running start. I'm very pleased.
How did you do?

Before you go on, be clear what your next goal is.
Mine, for tomorrow, is to write 4600, besides welcoming my new granddaughter into the world.
I'm hoping for red hair.
Welcome to Hell's Writing Kitchen.

(This will be much more exciting if you read these posts in the voice of Gordon Ramsay. Yeah?)

If you've read the introduction on the left, you know why I'm here. I'm going to write 4k new words, five days a week, from August 1, 2013 until January 1, 2014. That's 20 weeks, 400,000 words. Make your own goals and multiply them accordingly.

I've got three days to warm up before August 1, and I'm going to use them. Since the first 21 days of any new habit are the hardest, I'm going to get three out of the way before the pressure kicks in and while the excitement is still high. I've got a number of novels I plan to complete in this time. Some of them already have a good start.

My best work is done in complete silence. I'm not a music-in-the-background kind of gal. Music tends to determine my moods and I don't want outside influences. If I'm trying to write during daylight hours, I use SimplyNoise.com and listen to the rain. Earplugs are great.

(Still reading in Gordon Ramsay's voice? Excellent.)

Things that help me write faster:

Wearing tennis shoes. (Not kidding, it's documented.)

Using Dr. Wicked/writeordie.com (especially if it's a scene I'm timid about).

Writing after my family has gone to bed. (I can write until 2 or 3 if I'm on a roll. 4 am hurts.)

If you don't know what helps you write faster, find out. Pay attention to what time you write best, if you can write in small increments of time, or if you have to have large chunks. If you're writing 200 words in 15 minutes, and 300 words in 1 hour, you're more productive in small chunks, or at least more focused. I personally have to have a minimum of an hour or it is not worth sitting down to write.

I'm also trying a new thing; separate desks/spaces for writing and editing/internet stuff. I hope to have that figured out by tomorrow when it's put-up-or-shut-up time.

*Side note: my daughter is about to have a child--possibly tomorrow--but I'm making no excuses. If I'm writing on my Alphasmart in a hospital room with the sound of a baby's heartbeat in the background, so be it. 

There is no crying in baseball.
And there are no excuses in Hell.
Jean-Philippe, time to open up Hell's Writing Kitchen!