Saturday, November 2, 2013

NaNo Day 2, November 2, 2013

Big day today.
But I guess it only seems big because I have some energy, which has been scarce the last...ten years.

Had pizza two days in a row and still didn't gain anything, so that's great. Pound number 20 just will not fall, however, so I'm going to have to go back to my original plan of using the dragon while I walk. This will work  out swimmingly for NaNo because I can get my YA done this month while I walk, but get my other projects done in the office.

Dragon words so far today, 450 ish. I'm not going to be doing anymore tonight because I'm polishing up my western novella so I can get it to my beta readers by tomorrow. Tomorrow we'll be blessing the granddaughter, but tomorrow night I'll be polishing Kiss This, the Christmas romance set against a winter wedding background. That, too, should be ready for first readers by about Wednesday. Wednesday I'll hit the dragon again and get caught up on my NaNo count so I'm on track by the time the party starts.

But what feels great is crossing off these smaller projects, getting a running start before delving into Isobelle. A book of my heart, that's what it is. And I want to get it right.

I'm back, baby.


  1. You go, girl! Blaze that trail.You know what they say about what happens after someone breaks the sound barrier - so to speak - it make the rest of us think we can do it, too.

  2. Well, if you can't be fast, at least be steady, right?