Monday, November 4, 2013

Writers should be single... November 4, 2013

...and childless.

I knew Sunday would be mostly a wash because of the baby blessing, but I still held out hope for a late night of editing.


I knew the bulk of Monday would be a wash because I had to take my daughter in for some outpatient surgery. She ended up being admitted because her blood wasn't as thin as they wanted it to be. So that meant babysitting tonight on top of a family dinner party for my daughter in law. After the dinner, I had sworn upon a bible (all but) that I was going to hug everyone and go to the office, but then that babysitting thing made me a liar.

Tomorrow, the day I had planned to abandon all my kids into each other's care, I will yet again be watching my granddaughters until Mommy gets out of the hospital, and probably after that as well.

Don't tell the Universe, but...
Wednesday, I'm going to work all damned day.
Thursday, I'm going to work all damned day.
Friday, I'm going to work all damned day.
At my office. So help me.

I was hoping to be caught back up with my schedule by tonight, but it looks like instead of catching up on two days, I'll be getting another two days behind. But never fear. The week isn't over yet. The Ghost and Mrs. Wiggs is going to be finished before Friday night, so help me.

So help me!

I sound like Mike Wizouski.

Another pound down today. 21 in all.
Then I had half a piece of chocolate cake.
I'm trying not to be too hard on myself...

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