Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Writing Life is Good! November 7, 2013 Thursday

Four days since the last post.
Two more pounds down.
One book in the can.
Half of another story edited.

Life is good.

Okay, so it doesn't hurt that the book I've just finished and polished is a novella. And so is the next one. But I'm counting victories here, not pages. And it looks like I'll finish editing the second one by Sunday night. On Monday I'll finally get around to starting the edits on Isobelle--I know, I know--but I needed to get these things off my plate first.

The second one is Kiss This, a Christmas Wedding story. Here is the cover.
I'm really crazy about it. And now that I've had some time away from the story, I've come back to edit it and find that I absolutely love it.

(The reason I struggled with finishing this one is because it starts in a flower shop and writing it was like going back to work in a flower shop. I could almost feel the pressure of getting these wedding flowers just right, getting the set up on schedule, and making the bride happy--AND IT WASN'T EVEN REAL!)

I will be working on the cover for the Western this weekend, in down moments (hah!) so I can get it up and for sale as soon as I get my final edits back.

Can you tell I'm loving this? I am loving this. I'm loving that I'm actually crossing things off my list instead of just re-writing lists. And sometimes I love the fact that I have a poor memory for the simple fact that I can read something I wrote a while back and be surprised, because I don't remember much.

The NaNo write-in, at my house, is on Saturday. A few have had to back out, so we're down to about fifteen writers. The food will be great. The energy will be magic. And I hope to get 8k done on Freaking Off the Grid, the sequel to Somewhere Over the Freaking Rainbow. So many projects wrapping up. It will be so fun to start some new series.

What's in yer wallet?

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  1. Love the cover! It screams "this is a fun read". Congrats on finishing it and wrapping up all those projects!